Tokenise Your Rental Contract

The first blockchain protocol that can fully tokenise and manage all sorts of property transactions on-chain

Global Property Exchange

Easily manage your properties all around world while respect the agency ecosystem



Donny Chieh


Prestigious marketing expert with over 15 years of experience in business development. Donny successfully created and managed brands like YWaste and Boston MKT


Loyld Du


Product Director of Project Mate, a real estate project sales management system, covering more than 750 overseas real estate projects in more than 20 cities in Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, and Thailand with an annual turnover over USD 1.6 billion


Doung Kiang Tien


Senior real estate agent and real estate investor in Australia and Vietnam. One of the producers of SkyTV Real Estate Channel "Home Today". The sales director of the top sales team of Meriton and Australand

Advisor Board

Daniel Hendler

Manager, Meriton

Ian Sunito

President, Crown Group

Jean Nassif

President, Toplace

Sean Lim

GM, Auschain

Manh Tran

President, AREIC

Jeremy Ragalo

Manager, SMDC

Oleksiy Lubinsky

CEO, Rentberry